Tofu Press Hand Operated Paneer Making Machine

Tofu Press Hand Operated Paneer Making Machine

We are offering here Manual Panner Making Machine. Making Tofu: Dissolve natural calcium sulfate in one cup of warm water and pour the prepared coagulant solution slowly into the hot soya milk while gently stirring the soy milk. Once all soya milk is separating into small white curds of tofu and an amber liquid, transfer coagulated dispersion into mold. A lid is placed on the forming container. A press is placed on the lid of the container and pressure allowed for 20 minutes or so. Empty the resulting block of tofu into a tub of cold water it in refrigerator. More than 20 kg of tofu every day are produced with this small press machine.

Features :

  • Long service life
  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe & secure
  • Power efficient
  • Corrosion free
  • High productivity


  • Food industry
  • Dairy industry

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Place: Ambala