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Automatic Liquid Packaging Machine

We manufacture wide range of Automatic Liquid Packing Machine that is widely used for safe packing of liquids. Such as pure water, milk, soybean milk, fruit juice, beverage, soy sauce, vinegar and wine. It uses single lay PE film for packaging material. It is automatic for ultraviolet radiation, sterilizing bag forming, code printing precisely filling, and synchronization with sealing and cutting. This series machines have been long-tested, and their performance gained a very high reputation from our clients because of the simple operation and smooth work with low failure rate. The temperature of heat-sealing is controlled automatically, the production is beauty and fastness, the machine adopts stainless steel shell, and the sanitation is guaranteed.


  • No Compressor Required
  • No PCB Card Required
  • No Balance Tank Required
  • No Milk Pump Required
  • No Bach Coding Required
  • No Solenoid Valve Required
  • Print the code precisely,fill the product and seal cut at one time


  • High accuracy and capacity
  • High Speed, stable function

Availability: Available

Place: Ambala

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