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Thermal Shrink Packaging Machine (Model No. KE-100BB)

KE-AB 100 thermal shrink packaging machine is suitable for shrink films such as POV, PV, PP, POF etc. There are shrinking tubes on the top, bottom and sides of the shrinking room. The temperature of the shrink room and the speed of the conveyor are adjustable and the size of the machine can be customized.


  • Compact Construction
  • High efficiency
  • The use of intra-red Quartz heater tube reduces the power consumption
  • Strong air-flow ensures excellent heat distribution for an even shrinking
  • The temperature controlling system makes the operation easily
  • The speed of the conveyor is adjustable.

Product Details:

  • Voltage: 220 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Power: 8.5 KW
  • Conveyor speed: 0-10 m/min
  • Tunnel size: 830, 400, 200 mm
  • Conveyor loading: 8 Kg
  • Machine size: 1280, 760, 1360 mm


Availability: Available

Place: Ambala