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Foot Pedal Sealing Machine

Foot Sealer Machine are widely applied to seal all kinds of plastics films, compound films, adhere polythene, polypropylene and multi-layer compound plastic ,up and down adjustable stuff capping rack, can be used to seal paper bag when heated from top & bottom earning high efficiency and is irreplaceable by other sealing machine. Pedal Bag Sealing Machine. This machine carry, seal and print in one operation, vertically and with stand. Kush Enterprises is manufacturing and supplying high quality range of Industrial Foot Operated Sealer.

Technical Specification :

Sealing Length(mm) 300/400
Sealing Width(mm) 10
Input Voltage (V/Hz) 220/50
Heating Time(sec.) 0 ~ 2.5
Impulce Power (w) 1500
Case Size(mm) 550 x 520 x 880
Weight (Kg) 15 to 20 kg


  • Cost effective
  • Reliable
  • Adjustable bag rest
  • Thermo Control Direct Sealing with even heating
  • Sturdy aluminum construction with support shelf for package.
  • dual top and bottom heating elements version
  • Visual indication during sealing
  • Audio indication at the end of sealing
  • Hot bar sealer with energy regulator for sealing laminated pouches


  • Foot sealers are widely used in such industries as foodstuff, special local products, tea, medicine, hardware etc.
  • They are most convenient and economical sealing equipment for shops, families, and factories

Availability: Available

Place: Ambala

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